Thanks for stopping by. I asked the people who know me best to let you know a little about me. 

"Jonya takes pictures and she does horseback riding. I forgot, by having a camera, you push a button and get a picture of people. It's like my mom loves me and wants to get memories of me." Its true, I do all of those things. I would be honored to have you hire me to push buttons and capture special memories of you and your family.

And here is a little more they wanted to let you know about me.

"You are 16. Or 18. Or maybe 80. You like to tell stories and sing songs. You liked collecting rocks and almost never had candy so you played at the beach and colored. I like when you don't wear your hair in a bun and it's down long. I like the choices you choose for clothes and you look like you are from California. Because you have lots of freckles and shiny teeth. Yeah, I like when you are your teeth so clean." 

I am from California, I have a B.A. in art history and usually some kind of camera with me always.

My family session prices start at $750. This includes a lovely gallery of at least 50 images to download and one set of prints for you to hold. 

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photo by Yan Palmer

photo by Yan Palmer